Recently, I was working on some software to complete a very important task (with a strict deadline) for a company. Despite having read all the instructions and following them to the letter, things were just not going well. I had to repeat several steps of time-consuming work, while the failed results were being registered on the website. Trying to get to the bottom of this, I called ‘the dreaded help line’.

To make a long story short, the ‘help’ turned out to be a combination of things like: “It must be you”, “e-mail someone else” and “check your computer settings.” As you can relate, this was not much help.

Yet, I persisted and eventually, my call was answered by a very positive member of this company.

The representative had heard of similar issues and gave me a temporary fix so I could complete my task successfully. The next day, I received a phone call from the same customer service representative. She had alerted the company, and they discovered a flaw in their software; clarifying that it wasn’t me or my computer.

What a difference in impact upon me as the customer!

Instead of viewing this company as an uncaring bureaucracy, I had a positive impression. I let her manager know it, too.

The main point here is – we all are customer service representatives, no matter our role. We are the people in contact with customers, vendors and our fellow employees. Treating others in a caring and supportive role is everyone’s business. The impressions we give, we make about our company as well.

Contact me, I’m here to help.

Ray Johnson

Sales Engineer

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