Being a responsible leader has taken on an all-encompassing meaning during Covid-19 pandemic and resulting issues, which continues to affect the way we live and work.

Managers today have to navigate how to balance the health of their business with the health of their people. With the ever-shifting landscape, leaders are under the microscope more than ever. Not only are customers and vendors watching and weighing on your actions now, your employees and coworkers are also!

I believe that most people want leaders that emphasize purpose, value the people, ensure sustainability, and genuinely look out for the global good.

Knowledge of the business has placed leaders in the spot they occupy. People want confidence in their leader’s ability to brave the future and instill calmness. Within leadership ranks, you will have people who can balance both business and human needs. These are the courageous leaders you want and need to ensure sustainability for future growth.

In this new “normal” way of business, workers need flexibility and permission to work differently. What was “urgent” a year ago may not be essential now.

Consecutive hours of uninterrupted work may not be feasible, as people deal with wellness issues, elder and/or childcare, difficulties at home, and limited hours of operation. Cross-functional, agile teams based on their skills will nurture collaboration, problem solving and forward thinking to jump start a new way of business.

People want to find meaning; rather than just data on profitability or costs. They respond best to stories during times of great stress and ambiguity. Consistent, transparent, and clear communication from leadership is essential to supporting productivity and mental health. Without this, people will create their own versions of the story, which can cause fear and confusion.

Leaders must think beyond crisis-management mode and focus on getting ready for the future. Many of the best (leaders, companies, countries) come from adversity and hard times. Give the people a chance to innovate toward a brighter future. It’s also important to integrate purpose and values into every communication and initiative. We must give people the sense of belonging and connection they so desperately need during a time of social distancing.

I feel it is safe to say, that our world has changed. If things didn’t change, we wouldn’t have cell phones, computers and television for communication and entertainment. Modern medicine, mechanical ventilators, EKG or X-ray machines to help save lives. Solar panels, hydro-generators and windmills to create clean energy. Autonomous robots, industrial automation and artificial intelligence to make things more efficiently. Yes, things are changing. Change is needed to make a difference. To make things better. To make it safer. We are blazing a new path. People, we have a choice to make the future better. We are in this together.

While safety of our people is a core focus at the Power-Flo Technologies Inc., we are working together to make sure our clients are provided with the supplies, services and solutions they need. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions or needs.

Joseph Pitera

Sales Manager & Engineering Manager

Axis NJ, is a high-tech distributor. We specialize in automation, drives, motion control, machine vision, machine safety and robots. Our staff of specialists are available to assist you with projects of any scale. Our headquarters is in Somerville, NJ and branch office in Long Island. Axis has been covering Metro NY and New Jersey for over 30 years.