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The Benefits of Gocator® 3D Smart Sensors

Many manufacturers in our area are faced with efficiency challenges for low-volume, high-mix production schedules. One solution they’ve turned to is collaborative robots that can be readily re-deployed for multiple applications – moving away from “fixed automation” to “automation pods”. However, these manufacturers still face constraints with implementing vision and inspection systems for their flexible automation. Not only are there a large number of similar-yet-different product versions, (i.e., many SKUs), but also there are often many changeovers in their system being used in different locations within the plant. Traditional 2D scanning requires consistent and well-placed lighting. In addition, the 2D

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EGH Gripper

Introducing, the new Co-act gripper EGH from SCHUNK!

SCHUNK has just announced a new end-of-arm tool: the Co-act gripper EGH! This is the latest in technology from SCHUNK, a cutting-edge market leader in clamping technologies and gripping systems. The company has been around for more than 50 years, producing superb quality products and continuing to innovate reliable automation solutions. Designed for the moving of small to medium-sized workpieces and flexible grasping, the Co-act gripper EGH is an ideal solution for the assembly, handling and electronics industries. Due to its long and variable stroke, the EGH can cover various ranges of workpieces. Some of its technical highlights include: a

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Are All Servos the Same?

There is common belief that two servos with the same power range from different manufacturers are roughly equivalent, and that the only other significant comparison point is price. This is not true! Here are some of the important ratings and features you can’t afford to ignore: Rated speed Rated torque Overload time Torque-to-inertia ratio Resolution Frequency response Thermal rise Network-based solutions Physical size Quality and reliability Unfortunately, torque and speed ratings are not consistent throughout the motion control market. This makes it difficult to compare specifications. Let’s dive a little deeper to explain this further. Servo speed:  Servo motors typically

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Ray Johnson

Customer Service Is Everyone’s Business

Recently, I was working on some software to complete a very important task (with a strict deadline) for a company. Despite having read all the instructions and following them to the letter, things were just not going well. I had to repeat several steps of time-consuming work, while the failed results were being registered on the website. Trying to get to the bottom of this, I called ‘the dreaded help line’. To make a long story short, the ‘help’ turned out to be a combination of things like: “It must be you”, “e-mail someone else” and “check your computer settings.”

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Overcoming Synchronization Problems When Coordinating Robots with PLCs Using the Trio Robot Programming System (RPS)

I recently made a sales call with Ed Novak, North American Sales Manager at Trio Motion, to an integrator that frequently works with SCARA and 6-axis robots. In our preliminary discussion, I mentioned that there are frequently synchronization problems when coordinating robots with PLC based motion control. The customer said they had experienced problems on their last machine. They spent days adjusting their program in order to get the timing of the robot and several integrated step motors just right. It was a perfect time for Ed to explain the benefits of EtherCAT versus Ethernet/IP and the benefits of a

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Presenting the UR16e

UR16e From Universal Robots Built to Do More Built to do more, the UR16e delivers an impressive 16 kg of payload for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Designed and built by Universal Robots, the market leader in cobots, the UR16e is easily integrated into existing production environments. Automate heavy-duty material handling and CNC machine tending applications, including multi-part handling, with precision. With its 16 kg payload, the UR16e helps reduce the costs, injuries, and downtime associated with heavy part handling. A small footprint and 900 mm reach make the UR16e ideal for tight spaces while delivering robust operation. Increase

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