Programmable Logic Controllers​

Siemens PLCs combined with Axis NJ technical and programming support provide solutions for price-sensitive to the most demanding applications.  Basic and Advanced PLCs are programmed in the same software platform, TIA Portal.  Motion controllers, AC drives, Process and Temperature controllers can be integrated into TIA Portal programs.  Multiple form-factors including distributed controllers and remote I/O are available along with integrated safety, SCADA and redundancy.
  • Advanced Controller PLCs
  • Basic Controller PLCs
  • Fail-safe PLC’s
  • Redundant PLCs
  • Fail-safe Redundant PLCs
  • Distributed Controllers
  • Distributed I/O
  • Remote I/O
  • Analog
  • Temperature Control
  • Low cost PLCs
  • Smart Relays
  • PLC HMI Combinations
  • Soft PLCs
  • IEC61131-3 programming languages
  • CodeSys

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Programmable Logic Controllers​