The WERMA SmartAccess Management wireless system allows the user to easily signal with the push of a button to people waiting in front of an entrance or in line waiting to check out at a store.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, this allows us to provide a safe environment for our valued customers and employees. Social distancing is very important to Axis NJ LLC, and this system has been implemented at our office to maintain a safe place at work.

We have deployed these systems in businesses with employees on production lines of all sizes. The employees are able to signal if a task is complete, if they need more parts, or if the machine is out of commission. These stack lights have also been implemented in other applications that signal the lights without pushing buttons, such as in system maintenance to signal whether a system is running or has stopped because of an issue.

Werma stack lights can also work in collaboration with our Universal Robots cobots. This allows us to know when the robot is working, when the robot has stopped in an emergency, or when the robot needs to be presented with more parts. The signal light goes well with our UR On A Cart – when the completion light goes on we can easily deploy the robot into another location to start production somewhere else.

Using these stack lights in different applications keeps us safe while increasing productivity, reducing downtime, saving costs and time, strengthening flexibility, eliminate waste, and optimizing valuable resources that can be used elsewhere.

Kipling Joseph

application engineer

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